Up Journey: Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex?


“In Chinese Medicine, the main organ that is involved with dreaming is the heart, which at the same time represents hope and desire. Unmet desires can injure the heart and the blood, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. If there is a yin deficiency in the blood, it allows for yang to float up at night and disturb the production of vivid dreams.

Unmet desires

If you are dreaming about your ex, you may be secretly carrying the desire to continue the relationship longer than it lasted, or you may desire to have a certain memory with your ex that has not yet been created.

Knowing that unmet desires can no longer be created, closing this door on the possibility of them being met in the future, creates this injury in the yin and yang balance.

Something else to consider is that there is an energy exchange that happens every time you are with the person. During an intimate relationship, souls merge into one. You take on the other’s energy and the other take on yours. Strong connections and attachments can be made.

During sleep, the soul elevates into the realm of no time, space, and motion. Your soul or your partner’s soul probably are probably trying to connect as it can be an addiction, attachment, or unfinished lesson.”

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