Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) relieves pain, helping patients to move and function better. Our therapists are movement experts who improve quality of life through prescribed exercise, hands-on care, and education. We focus on orthopedic injury, sports rehabilitation, Pilates training, and therapy before and after surgery. Patients learn to prevent or manage the conditions that limit their abilities to move and perform daily activities. We examine each individual and develop a full-body plan of care that improves movement, reduces pain and inflammation, restores function, expands the range of motion, and prevents disability. PTs also can prevent the loss of mobility or injury before they occur. Whether you are seeking care for a conservative injury, before or after surgery, or wanting to enhance your wellness and performance, physical therapy can get you back to doing what you love.

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What Injuries and Conditions Can Physical Therapy Treat?

The PTs at Advanced Holistic Center specialize in the treatment and prevention of orthopedic and sports-related injuries. With every visit, we bring together clinical expertise, advanced treatment techniques, modern equipment, and results-driven methods. Hands-on manual therapy is also a crucial component of our rehabilitation process. Our patients can expect one-on-one attention throughout their therapy appointment and a plan of care tailored to their needs. Common focus areas include orthopedic and musculoskeletal problems in the shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, feet, and spine, or rehabilitative services for those who have undergone surgery related to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, or bones. We treat muscle sprains and strains, tendonitis, bursitis, muscle spasms, osteoarthritis, dislocations, subluxations, cartilage tears, tendon ruptures, and more. We also provide rehabilitation after joint replacement surgery, arthroscopic surgery, neck or back surgery, and more. Working hand-in-hand with your physical therapist, you can optimize the recovery process and reach your full potential. Keep reading to learn about some of our areas of expertise, including Pilates rehabilitation, the treatment of scoliosis, and sports specialties.

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Patients have the option to utilize Pilates-based principles, administered by a certified Pilates practitioner and doctor of physical therapy. Our PTs are trained through Polestar, an international authority in Pilates education. Pilates principles increase your body awareness, balance, control, efficiency, concentration, confidence, and ability to perform daily activities with stability, breath, flexibility, and strength. Pilates adapted for rehabilitation works across patient groups, as exercises can be tailored to any fitness level. The gentle, low-impact movements are ideal for those recovering from injury, orthopedic surgery, chronic pain, scoliosis, and more. Pilates focuses on developing core strength, increasing flexibility, improving posture and alignment, reducing stress, and enhancing sports performance, all crucial to injury rehabilitation and prevention. If you are suffering from muscle aches and joint pains, Pilates treatment may be right for you. By training the body as a whole rather than isolating individual muscles, you will improve overall movement, develop a mind-body connection, and significantly enhance your life.

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Can Scoliosis Be Corrected With Physical Therapy?

Scoliosis, a spinal condition characterized by curvature and misalignment, can be managed and in some instances improved through physical therapy. One of the most notable techniques in this realm is the Schroth method, a specialized approach taught at the Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School. This method adopts a three-dimensional perspective, aiming to elongate the trunk and rectify imbalances within the spine. Through specific exercises, targeted breathing techniques, and postural training, the Schroth method endeavors to strengthen the inner muscles of the ribcage, modify the shape of the upper trunk, and correct spinal abnormalities. While severe cases of scoliosis might necessitate additional interventions, including surgery, many patients have reported significant benefits and improvements from the Schroth method. It’s essential, however, for individuals to consult with healthcare professionals to determine the most appropriate treatment based on their specific condition.

Schroth Method

Specific treatment plans are based on an individual evaluation with one of our expert physical therapists. One of the first tasks is to ensure that you know in detail the precise presentation of scoliosis or kyphosis in your body. Your Schroth therapist will spend time teaching you where your curve is located and explaining which structures are involved and how. Treatment sessions are typically 55 minutes long and can range from 5-20 sessions. We will provide exercises based on the curve patterns and severity and your overall function and mobility. Those exercises are designed to reduce flat back and rib prominence and restore alignment of the pelvis. We are also trained to incorporate safe Pilates exercises into treatment, adapting each movement to those living with scoliosis, based on their specific corrections. Crucial to your progression is the continuation of learned home exercise program and compliance with brace treatment to maintain your postural correction. We work closely with your doctor and Orthotist as a team. The Schroth Method is a lifetime commitment and may include re-evaluations every few weeks or months after being discharged from regular treatment.

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Experts in Gymnastics and Dance Performance

We are sports specialists who work with high-caliber athletes from the greater New York City and Miami areas. Our physical therapists work with dance and gymnast populations, specifically, to help those athletes gain an edge at what they love to do. We use our experience and knowledge of science to create a path to success, no matter your health and fitness goals. We aren’t just physical therapists. We are former professional gymnasts ourselves, and parents of athletes. This unique perspective gives us an edge in the field of prevention and treatment of sports injuries. If you are a dancer or gymnast, at any level, when you are injured, you need a physical therapist with experience in sports-related injuries. We understand the higher demands athletes place on their muscles and joints, and how to optimize speed, power, and agility.