Corporate Wellness

Every job puts more stress on certain parts of the body or causes excessive emotional or mental strain, and whether work causes tension headaches or carpal tunnel syndrome, acupuncture and other modalities of the traditional Chinese medicine often can help.

While there are multiple ways of fine-tuning the body back into balance, our program typically incorporates four modalities: acupuncture, meditation, Chinese medical massage (tui na), and therapeutic exercises.

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Advantages of Wellness<br />

Advantages of Wellness

Much of traditional Chinese medicine was designed to prevent—more than treat—health conditions and custom-tailoring specific workplace wellness programs to offset adverse effects that work can cause benefits both the employer and the employee. After all, if the person’s job causes adverse effects, those effects won’t resolve on their own, and their progressive development can significantly slow down the person’s productivity—not to mention the quality of life. At the Advanced Holistic Center, we designed corporate health and wellness programs that help employees to cope with or even eliminate many of the adverse effects that they developed at their workplace.

Corporate wellness services can be done on the premises of the Advanced Holistic Center or at the workplace. While workplace wellness programs remove the necessity to lose time after work by going for treatment after work, it has its limitations. Onsite corporate wellness programs can be easily designed for neck stiffness or carpal tunnel syndrome. To prepare effective on-site wellness for lower back pain can be more challenging, and to develop efficient workplace wellness to address emotional or mental stress is even more difficult, but not impossible.

Corporate wellness in NYC, as well as other large cities, has specific challenges, because of the stress levels and performance pressure, which leave very little time for people to take care of their health until the situation becomes dire. And when corporations include wellness programs as part of their benefits packages, the programs, in reality, benefit both, employees and corporations.

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There are many advantages of implementing wellness programs in the workplace. In addition to having a better working environment, in which employees feel that their employers care about their well-being, a well-designed wellness program can improve employees’ productivity (Lowensteyn et al., 2018; Merrill et al., 2011).

What is more important is that a wellness program custom-tailored to the specific needs of individual companies can slow down or even stop the development of work-related adverse effects if the program is in place early, instead of waiting until the problems become chronic and more difficult to treat (natural medicine often works best as preventative methods, while complimentary techniques can work well in conjunction with a regular medical intervention that an employee may already be receiving).

Employers and managers will be glad to find out that such a proactive approach from corporations increases employees’ productivity, decreases the number of days employees are absent, and reduces insurance costs (Mujtaba & Cavico, 2013).

Corporate Wellness & On-Site
Health Program in NYC

It is understood that each employee has his or her own individual set of health issues, and while one person would benefit from a series of several treatments, another may need regular tune-up to stay in his or her best state of health. At the Advanced Holistic Center, we are aware of these differences and therefore do not charge corporations per individual patient; instead, we have concierge wellness packages, which are available upon request.