Can Acupuncture Heal Cancer?


It’s difficult to say whether acupuncture can heal cancer, because conducting experiments in which patients are given only acupuncture treatment and denied the conventional therapy would be unethical. Chances are, acupuncture alone cannot heal cancer. At the same time, acupuncture has been included as an adjunct modality in cancer treatment, and research has shown that it can help for a variety of issues.

Acupuncture may help peripheral neuropathy caused by chemotherapy in patients who have breast cancer (Huang et al., 2021). It can also help cancer survivors to reduce insomnia (Yang et al., 2021). Ear acupuncture can help relieve cancer pain (Ruela et al., 2018). Electro-acupuncture can be effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain in cancer survivors (Mao et al., 2021). Acupuncture can help to reduce fatigue in cancer patients (Jang et al., 2020). Even more importantly, research is trying to find out whether or not and to what degree acupuncture can reduce cancer tumor growth (Xu et al., 2020), but more and more results demonstrate that Chinese herbal medicine can have a greater impact on slowing cancer tumor growth (Zhao et al., 2020).

The acupuncturists at the Advanced Holistic Center pay close attention to new discoveries in acupuncture’s efficacy in treatment of cancer, so they’ll be able to offer their patients the latest most effective treatment options.


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