Tiffany A. Gomez

Tiffany Gomez, currently a bioscience student at Queens College of New York City, began exploring spirituality beyond her Catholic upbringing and outside of institutionalized religion and religious organizations. During her explorations, Tiffany stumbled upon traditional Chinese medicine and then upon the differences in approaches to healing between the western scientific and eastern medical systems. Tiffany sees a great potential in the methods of traditional Chinese medicine to provide alternative options from standard medical care for those who may need them. Drawing from her experience growing up, Tiffany believes that traditional Chinese medicine can benefit members of BIPOC community as well as others who could not find satisfaction in conventional medical treatment. She has a major passion for creating change in impoverished communities, and Tiffany made her next step toward creating change by joining the Advanced Holistic Center team.

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Tiffany A. Gomez


Nicole Matteini, MSTOM
Nicole is a NY State Licensed Acupuncturist, certified health coach, and NCCAOM board certified in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Theory, Biomedicine.