Maribell Sunchez-Rivera

Maribell Sunchez-Rivera is a board certified, licensed acupuncturist. Maribell Sunchez-Rivera holds a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies. She particularly enjoys treating musculoskeletal dysfunctions, endocrine disharmonies and psycho-emotional issues. Her passion for Chinese Medicine was cultivated and nurtured through her past experiences in healthcare, as well as exposure to multiple healing philosophies which have enriched her desire to provide holistic care incorporating a body, mind and spirit approach.

Prior to beginning her journey into the world of alternative and holistic medicine, Maribel gained twenty years of Rehabilitative Medicine experience with clinical rotations in orthopedics, stroke recovery, and special surgery. Facilitating recovery in each of these disciplines highlighted the need for her to learn how to integrate the knowledge of that profession with alternative modalities to maximize her patient’s healing potential. Her intention is for each of her patients to feel empowered in their healthcare needs and embrace their healing capacities with vitality and celebration of self.

In the future, Maribel aspires to further round out her already wide circle of healing knowledge by gaining mastery in Esoteric Acupuncture, and Facial Rejuvenation.