Kimberly Hickerson, AP

Kimberly Hickerson, CTRS, AP

Kimberly is an Acupuncture Physician and Recreational Therapist, working in the health and medical field for 18 years.  She believes wellness is achieved through a holistic approach, which focuses on all aspects of oneself working together to reach optimal health, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony.  As a Recreational Therapist, she has worked with a multitude of populations and conditions and has been able to apply principles of Eastern Medicine to assist patients with unique needs and abilities. She is an advocate of empowering patients to participate in their own healing and to discover their individual paths to health and happiness.

Kimberly was introduced to Eastern Medicine 10 years ago by a practitioner helping her resolve an injury.  She noticed that just after a handful of treatments, not only did she fully recover from pain, but she was losing weight, sleeping better, and having a more positive outlook on life.  This is when she decided to learn medicine herself and began her master’s program within just a few months.

Licensed to practice in the state of Florida and a diplomat of NCCAOM (The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) as well as a member of NCTRC (The National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification), Kimberly specializes in the weight-loss treatment and cosmetic acupuncture to assist each patient in reaching their goals with lifestyle, nutritional, and herbal counseling.

Outside of work, Kimberly enjoys traveling, painting, yoga, meditation, and aerial fitness training as well as spending time with her dogs.  She sincerely aims to educate and transform the lives of others to help them feel and look their very best given any opportunity.

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