Jennifer Beltrani

Jennifer Beltrani is a New York State licensed acupuncturist. She graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she earned a Master’s degree in Acupuncture. Jennifer incorporates several healing modalities into her acupuncture treatments, including: nutritional advice, gua sha, cupping, electric stimulation, herbal lineaments and ear seeds. Jennifer is also certified in facial rejuvenation.

Jennifer has travelled to Guatemala twice in the last year, volunteering with two different organizations, Integrative Health Project (2016) and The Global Healthworks Foundation (2017). Jennifer worked with these organizations as they offered holistic health services to underserved Guatemalan communities. Jennifer believes that all communities deserve a chance at receiving natural healthcare, both near and far. She aims to provide services that connect mind, body and spirit. Jennifer was drawn to Chinese medicine, as it looks at each person as a unique individual. It acknowledges all of our experiences as a whole (past and present), which influences our current state of health. Acupuncture allows Jennifer to create individualized treatments specific to a particular condition. By empowering patients and working together as a team, her goal is to provide a relaxing space where her patients can heal and promote balance within the body.