Elizabeth Kayoke, LMT

Elizabeth Kayode is a NY State licensed massage therapist and graduated from the Swedish Institute: College of Health Sciences in 2019. She was encouraged to pursue her licensure after witnessing firsthand what allopathic care could do to alleviate pain and accelerate healing, when complemented with touch therapy. Since completing her studies, Elizabeth has practiced integrating both eastern (shiatsu) and western techniques to bring relief and help her clients better understand their ailments. Her interest in the holistic approach to wellness has roots from her childhood years growing up in Nigeria. In an effort to further connect eastern and western medicinal ideologies, Elizabeth is currently earning her B.Sc in Health Science with a concentration in Nutrition, at Brooklyn College.

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Elizabeth Kayoke, LMT


Nicole Matteini, MSTOM
Nicole is a NY State Licensed Acupuncturist, certified health coach, and NCCAOM board certified in Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Theory, Biomedicine.