Anya Zybenka

Anya is a New York state licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, specializing in pain management and integrative women’s health. Anya is skilled at treating orthopedic conditions using specific techniques to stimulate muscle motor points. She also has considerable experience treating gynecological conditions, including irregular menstruation, PMS, infertility and menopause symptoms. Anya is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she earned a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She completed her internship at NYU Langone Hospital in the Labor and Delivery department, providing support to women before and during labor.

Besides treating patients at Advanced Holistic Center, Anya dedicates her time to volunteering at harm reduction clinics in NYC, providing healthcare to patients suffering from addiction. In 2017, she volunteered with Global Healthworks Foundation in Guatemala. On this trip Anya, together with other volunteers, treated over 1000 local residents who have limited access to healthcare. Anya feels passionate about making Chinese medicine accessible to as many people as possible. She is grateful for the opportunity to help her patients reach their fullest potential.