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Chinese medicine

For over 5,000 years what we call “Chinese medicine” has been the primary form of healthcare for billions of people, from every class and walk of life. Rooted in Taoist philosophy (but taking influences from many others), it is ultimately based on the observation of nature’s perfect balance (represented by the inseparable opposites of Yin and Yang). There is no good or bad in this view of the universe. There is only a constant and perfect dance of opposites.

In Chinese culture and philosophy the balance of health is seen as dynamic, not static. There are cycles in nature, and there are cycles in human lives. Take the seasons, for example. What is considered healthy in summer is not the same in winter. In winter, you would not wear flip-flops outside, and in the summer you wouldn’t put on a wool sweater to go to the store.

Within this framework of understanding the world, health is seen as an attempt to replicate this dynamic equilibrium within the human body (which is seen as a microcosm of the universe). The job of the practitioner of Chinese medicine is to determine in what ways a person is out of balance, and then use whatever means they have available to reorient that person both physically and mentally to regain that balance.

Chinese medicine is practiced using needles, herbs, cups, parts of animals, stones, fire, water, and more. Today, the tools have become more refined, but the goal remains the same: balance, and attunement to nature. Using acupuncture, diet, exercise, herbal therapies and more, we work with your to restore balance and allow your body’s innate intelligence to heal itself as it was meant to.