Bio-Well Energy Test

Bio-Well is a small modern device invented in Russia based on Kirlian Photography method. It measures how our bodies are managing and adapting to stress. This is a great assessment tool, that gives you immediate impression about what is actually happening in your body and what is it trying to adopt to. After the session, you will get a full report of your current state with recommendations to balance it out, as well as a unique music file that will be generated for your current state to balance out all your body systems within couple minutes.

bio-well analysis chart in Financial District, NYC - photo, image
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Bio-Well Energy Test - photo, image

What Can the Energy Test Be Good For
and How Can It Help?

Sometimes we can’t identify a deeper reason of physical disorders, fatigue, inner irritation. In reality most of the time there is a connection between our daily routine/mental/emotional/physical state. The Bio-Well device detects the subtle physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual connections to underlying issues. The output analysis report and images/charts help to “see” the connection and correlations to the body-psycho-emotional-spiritual links to the subtle or acute disorder. The Bio-Well analysis can be added as a verification and assessment tool to your oriental medicine diagnosis, treatments or standard tests done by the collaborating doctors.

Sometimes seeing is really believing. The Bio-Well software processes the obtained data and shows in simple graphics your level of energy & stress, chakras location and their activity (your emotional state), energy in organs and meridians, levels of balance of all systems, monthly biorhythms. This information and interpretation gives us something we call “A Golden Year” for making simple steps in health management before the clinical problems start showing up.

Bio Well is also a great tool to monitor the change “before-and-after”, overall productivity as well as effectiveness of your healing sessions, diet, activity, meditation, detox, etc. and even detecting all this activity in real time.

Bio-Well is a well known monitor that has a strong reputation worldwide as a very reliable verification tool that is used in many industries because it allows to observe the effectiveness of all the processes your body is engaged into even in a real-time.

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