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Acupuncture for Migraines

Migraine headaches affect 12% of the world’s population. That’s 12 out of every 100 people in the world who have to live with frequent, intense, sometimes crippling pain. Luckily, getting acupuncture for migraines is a safe, relatively painless, and most importantly proven effective method for treating this affliction.

During acute attacks, there are miraculous drugs that virtually stop migraines in their tracks. However, considering that the body can actually build up a tolerance for many of those medications, it’s essential that all migraine sufferers make acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine a regular part of their self-care. In fact, getting regular acupuncture for migraines has been shown to be even more effective than drug treatment at preventing migraines from returning. This means that if an attack finally does happen despite all of our best efforts, those life-saving drugs will work much more effectively.

In addition to treating people with acupuncture for migraines, we believe a holistic approach to diet, stress, and overall lifestyle is necessary to manage this condition effectively. We work with all of our patients to educate them on how to take control of their health, regardless of the condition they come to us for help with. Many of them do not know there are foods which can trigger migraines, or that various meditation techniques have been shown to be effective measures at preventing attacks. Through acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, electro-acupuncture, meditation, qi gong exercises, and Chinese herbal medicine, we can make a big difference on getting people out of the cycle of suffering that migraines can put people in.