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Acupuncture for insomnia

There probably isn’t an adult human on planet Earth that doesn’t know what it’s like to get a bad night’s sleep. For people with chronic insomnia, that feeling is constant. Every day is a roulette wheel of fatigue, irritability, foggy thinking, dulled senses, poor digestion, and even depression. It’s no surprise that in such a fast-paced, overstimulated world, we provide a lot of people with acupuncture for insomnia at our clinic.

Insomnia can be acute or chronic. In acute cases, it often relates to other illnesses, or dramatic life events. When performing acupuncture for insomnia, those kinds of situations are easier to treat, because the causes are more obvious. In chronic cases, the causes can be more subtle. What usually happens is that people get into unhealthy sleep patterns slowly over time, and then months or years later they start to experience the symptoms. By the time people realize it, it might have gone from an unhealthy lifestyle habit to a chronic issue.

Aside from using acupuncture for insomnia treatments, we also try to address the underlying issues and habits that brought our patients there in the first place. There’s a lot of little changes we can make that make a big difference. The solution could be as simple as making the bedroom darker, cooler, and quieter. Red light bulbs can help to reduce the stimulating effects of the usual white or blue-tinted lights (which mimic sunlight, but keep your mind awake). Diet, exercise, meditation, water intake, and stress reduction techniques are also powerful tools. We will use them all to help you sleep sounder. Sleep is the #1 medicine for all of life’s ills, so don’t ignore it!