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Acupuncture for Infertility

Traditionally, acupuncturists and herbalists in China have been deeply pondered and constructed preventative strategies for guiding and understanding the health of both men and women. Their goal was not just to achieve long and happy, productive lives, but also to create strong and healthy families. From the royal family to the humblest farmer, big healthy families were the keystone of a strong civilization.

Chinese medicine believes that without proper internal balance, mothers and fathers can’t provide what we call their “essence” to their offspring. This essence is considered one of the three “treasures” that belong to each human, and therefore must be nourished and guarded wisely. Acupuncture for infertility aims to strengthen and protect this vital essence in the event that patients are having trouble conceiving, or habitually miscarrying. Using acupuncture for infertility is a great adjunct therapy to add to any treatment strategy, because it is non-invasive and has proven benefits.

For those trying to conceive (and opting to use IUI or IVF), Advanced Holistic Center offers the proven power of acupuncture to increase the success rate of conception strategies by up to 42%. For infertility cases, we often recommend getting regular treatments over the course of the conception and pregnancy process. However, only receiving pre- and post-transfer acupuncture treatments can provide impressive results as well. When indicated, we also recommend treating the male partner’s infertility issues. It has been shown that sperm motility, morphology and count can be improved with acupuncture treatments.

There are lots of dietary and herbal recommendations we can make to address all these concerns, as well. Let us show you how receiving acupuncture for infertility issues can help you create a happy, healthy family!