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Acupuncture for headaches

It’s rare to meet someone who’s never had a headache. Part of the reason for that is that there are so many possible causes. Some of the solutions are simple: drinking more water, making sure you eat regular meals, sleeping enough (on a good mattress, with a good pillow), and managing your stress. Other causes are more complicated, such as traumatic injuries, hormonal imbalances, or emotional issues. One simple thing you can do, no matter the cause, is get acupuncture for headaches. We always try to approach every condition holistically, so in addition to providing you with the relaxing and systemically balancing effects of acupuncture, we’ll figure out what lies at the root of your pain.

In Chinese medicine, we differentiate headaches by where the person feels them. Then, when we perform acupuncture for headaches, we insert the needles into points along the affected meridians. You may have an excess or a deficient condition, so the treatments vary greatly. Whatever the cause, our goal is to restore the smooth and even flow of your Qi and Blood in your meridians. As the ancient sages said “where there is flow, there is no pain… where there is no flow, there is pain.” This deceptively simple saying wisely refers to emotions, as well. Treating the underlying emotions and thought patterns that cause headaches is an important aspect of treatment. Just thinking of how stress or anxiety causes our bodies to become tense and rigid makes this easy to understand.

In addition to acupuncture, we may employ various techniques such as gua sha, moxibustion, tui na, herbal remedies, and meditation to help you find your path towards relief. Getting acupuncture for headaches is a no-brainer.