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Acupuncture for Erectile disfunction

Even though erectile dysfunction is not a normal aspect of aging, for 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 it can be difficult to have a normal and healthy erection. It is most often the result of a psychological root cause, and rarely the result of something that is wrong with the person’s body structure or physiology. Drug therapy can be effective in some cases, but there are always side-effects to be cautious about, and many people don’t want to rely on drugs to correct the issue.

Getting acupuncture for erectile dysfunction is an alternative approach that can yield very real results for sufferers, with unexpected side-benefits. Because Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic mind-body therapy, we are always attempting to connect the dots for people between their internal mental world, and the manifestations of it in their body. There is a growing body of evidence that getting acupuncture for erectile dysfunction can increase quality of erections as well as treat the underlying psycho-emotional states that are the cause of many cases of ED.

In order to achieve maximum benefit, we also work with various lifestyle modifications and auxiliary techniques from the Chinese Medicine toolbox. Everyone is different, and so they will need different tools to achieve their wellness goals. We encourage all of our patients to take control of different aspects of their overall health through some combination of the following: dietary modification, meditative practices, gua sha, cupping, cranio-sacral therapy, tui na massage, electroacupuncture, herbal remedies, psychotherapy, and more.