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Acupuncture for Prenatal and Postpartum Health

Acupuncture is a popular practice for supporting prenatal and postpartum health. Practiced by Chinese medicine and modern doctors alike, acupuncture can treat a variety of prenatal conditions including: morning sickness, drowsiness, irritability, and anxiety. Acupuncture can also help expectant mothers with back pain, improper fetal positioning, and regulating arterial pressure. Acupuncture can be especially beneficial during the last few weeks in pregnancy, helping to relax and prepare the uterus for childbirth.

Acupuncture can also help with postpartum care. Acupuncture affects the channels of the mammary glands, helping to stimulate production of breast milk. Acupuncture can also help mothers suffering from postpartum depression by helping to regulate the body’s natural hormonal balance.

Our experienced practitioners at Advanced Holistic Center offer quality care for any stage of childbirth from fertility health, pregnancy support, and postpartum care.