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At Advanced Holistic Center, we have worked to improve New York lives since 2004. Open 7 days a week, from early morning to late evening, our exceptional practitioners are available to accommodate all types of busy lifestyles. Both in the office and through concierge services, we provide patients with a range of different wellness journeys consisting of acupuncture (from medical to esoteric), physical therapy, modalities such as gua sha, cupping, massage, and other holistic healing practices. 

We focus both on symptoms and the root causes of physical and emotional pain, which awakens the body’s potential to heal itself. The skilled acupuncturists at Advanced Holistic Center use their experience to guide the body back to balance as an excellent complementary adjunct to western healthcare. 

In the Financial District and Downtown Brooklyn, patients will receive conscientious service, a sense community and connection, as well as a healing space to receive exceptionally personalized and attentive care.

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Patients obtain the necessary tools to manage daily life and maintain peace of mind.

Acupuncture, Qi & New York City

At the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture treatment, is the philosophy of Qi, or vital energy, which flows throughout the body. A person’s health is influenced by the quality, quantity and balance of Qi. Many things can influence this balance, including physical and emotional trauma, stress, lack of exercise, overexertion, seasonal changes, diet, accidents, or excessive activity. Usually, when an imbalance occurs the body can naturally bounce back, however when the disruption to Qi is prolonged or if the body is in a weakened state, then illness, pain or disease can set in.  

The busy New York City lifestyle usually leads to high stress levels, excessive performance pressure, poor diet, lack of physical exercise, and lack of natural sunlight. Physical, mental, and emotional ailments manifest when the human body tries to overcompensate for imbalances due to prolonged exposure to various stressors. Modern science has begun to understand the secrets of acupuncture with the support of new studies conducted by leading scientists, hospitals and medical research facilities from all over the world. Today, acupuncture is receiving wide acceptance as a valid and effective form of treatment for pain, endocrine, circulatory and systemic conditions. 

Medical Partners & Physical Therapy

At Advanced Holistic Center, you don’t need to choose between eastern or western medicine. Dr. Irina Logman, DACM, LAc and her acupuncture team will work alongside your physician or can refer you to our own personal network of top pain management doctors, chiropractors, and fertility specialists in New York City. Our in-house staff includes: physical therapist Dr. Elena Vaynshtok, DPT a specialist in Schroth Physical Therapy for Scoliosis and certified Polestar Pilates for rehabilitation and health coach Samantha Bifulco, certified through Harvard Medical. 

Pain Management and More in the Financial District | Coming Soon to Downtown Brooklyn & Upper East Side

Advanced Holistic Center offers health and wellness treatment plans designed to address everything from chronic pain to nausea in pregnancy. We provide the ideal ways to stay healthy by identifying energy imbalances before they become organic disease. By determining possible root causes of current pain conditions, providers at Advanced Holistic Center then use traditional Chinese Medicine along with other complementary modalities to fine-tune the body back into balance.

As acupuncture has evolved over the years in different parts of the world, a number of styles emerged. Advanced Holistic Center provides the best care by using a combination of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Five Element Acupuncture, and Dr. Irina Logman’s own proven formula for lasting strength and healing.  

TCM practitioners focus on developing a diagnosis based upon the Eight Principles which are guiding factors used to establish the correct course of care. The Principles are designed to help the practitioner determine whether a condition is in the interior or exterior of the body, if it relates to hot or cold symptoms, if it is an excess (acute) or deficient (chronic) problem, and if it relates to Yin or Yang. Once a diagnosis is complete, a practitioner discerns the root pattern of disharmony and chooses from a variety of modalities to restore and maintain health. Five Element Acupuncture similarly works to guide the body’s systems back into harmony, and is based on the various “Elements” found in the natural world: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. The interactions between these elements should create, support, and control each other; when one is out of balance signs and symptoms occur.

It is important to remember that acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are not a “quick fix,” and it can take many consistent sessions before patients see results. The acupuncturists at Advanced Holistic Center in New York City will work with patients to develop a specific plan tailored to their specific needs. In addition to an acupuncture treatment plan, this might include nutritional guidelines, exercise programs, meditation, gua sha, tui na, moxibustion, physical therapy, and more. Together, provider and patient will work to make positive lifestyle changes and bring a deep sense of relief, relaxation and elimination of symptoms. 

Insurance & Rates

We work with all major commercial insurances such as Aetna, United Healthcare, Empire Plan, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Each plan provides different coverage, so be sure to contact us today to receive more information on your benefits and our self-pay rates. 

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