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In a quiet room, a person is relaxing on a comfortable massage table either after work or during a lunch break. Essentially, this is what acupuncture treatment looks like. While acupuncture needles are inserted in a specifically selected point combination, they are so thin that patients do not really feel them. Acupuncture is really good for is stress relief, but there is so much more.  

Traditionally, acupuncture was designed as a complete medical system, and, at least in theory, can be used to treat any health problem. Acupuncture belongs to traditional Chinese medicine, according to which the cause of illness in an imbalance among internal organs and the goal of treatment is to restore the balance. The organism, then, would heal itself.    


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At the Advanced Holistic Center in Miami Beach, our experts adhere to the traditional Chinese medical approach whenever possible, but some of our patients receive their main treatment elsewhere and turn to us for relief of specific symptoms, such as pain, nausea, stress, or cravings, and also a lot of research studies have been conducted during the last few decades, and certain point combinations have proven to be effective for specific conditions, which can be a well-suited treatment in some circumstances.

Facial Rejuvenation in Miami Beach

Acupuncture and other modalities of traditional Chinese medicine have been used for cosmetic purposes ever since they were invented. With the modern technological advances, however, acupuncture needles have become thinner and smoother, and the facial rejuvenation procedure now causes almost no discomfort in comparison to how it must have felt hundreds or even thousands years ago. Additional techniques, such as electrical stimulation or herbal masks, can enhance the treatment’s outcome.

You are probably aware that lack of sleep, anxiety, and stress can worsen your physical appearance. According to traditional Chinese medicine, a person’s physical appearance is a direct manifestation of his or her internal organs’ functions, and a proper facial rejuvenation treatment should include stimulation of organ-connected points on the body as well as individually selected points on the face, to ensure long-term treatment results.

At the Advanced Holistic Center, our practitioners use a variety of techniques and modalities for facial rejuvenation treatment. Combining acupuncture with other methods can sometimes bring better or faster outcomes. At the same time, facial rejuvenation is more art than science, and more often than not better results can be achieved with greater experience. Our practitioners often experiment on each other to try out new or simply hone their skills at already well-known techniques, so our patients received the type of treatment that have only best effects.

Infertility Treatment in Miami Beach

Male infertility amounts to about one third of all couples who have difficulty conceiving. The other two thirds are caused by female infertility. In both males and females, however, one of the most frequent causes of infertility is inflammation. Research has demonstrated that acupuncture can reduce inflammation. As the North American Spine Society states on its website, “acupuncture may decrease pain-causing inflammation by stimulating the body’s pituitary gland to release cortisol, a hormone that is known to reduce inflammation,” but other researchers point out that other biochemical mechanisms occur during and after acupuncture treatment.

Classically, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, in general, work best holistically—when the treatment is designed to restore the optimal internal organ functions. When the internal organs function well, then the body should not have trouble reproducing. Modern city life, however, causes much stress and anxiety, the organism’s fight-or-flight response creates an impression of being unhealthy, even though everything is fine. Luckily, acupuncture can easily relieve stress in just a few sessions, and if an organism stays stress-free for a couple of months, it often can be enough to resolve infertility issues.

The practitioners at the Advanced Holistic Center try to combine the classical methods with modern scientific findings, in order to offer our patients the best available methods and techniques. Considering that infertility treatment using acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine is inexpensive and non-invasive when compared with the western medicine, acupuncture should be tried before going for something as drastic as in vitro fertilization.

The Advanced Holistic Center in Miami Beach

The Advanced Holistic Center has branches in New York City and Miami, and its main focus is traditional Chinese medicine. While its practitioners rely extensively on the holistic approach of traditional Chinese medicine when treating their patients, they also pay close attention to the latest discoveries in conventional and alternative medicine research fields, so they can offer their patients the most effective methods and techniques.

Theoretically, traditional Chinese medicine can be effective in treatment of all and any afflictions. In fact, it works best for preventative purposes and can also work well when a person doesn’t feel right. Medical lab tests can show that everything is within the normal limits, and yet the person does not feel well. This is one of instances when acupuncture treatment would be perfect to restore the person’s well-being to its normal state before it might progress toward a greater imbalance.

While our practitioners in the Miami Beach branch are prepared to handle many issues that our patients come in with independently, providing an alternative treatment, they also can work as complementary therapists, for those patients who receive their primary treatment elsewhere. Whether our patients want to reduce their dependence on medications, such as pain relievers, or to request treatments to recover quicker from surgery or alongside physical therapy, we are happy to help.

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