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Acupuncture treatment has gained wide popularity in recent years, but when we talk to people from various walks of life, they usually think of acupuncture as a method useful for treatment of only several conditions such as chronic pains, infertility, stress, or weight loss. While this impression is not wrong, it misrepresents what acupuncture is about.

From the traditional standpoint, acupuncture does not treat specific disorders, rather it treats the entire organism by identifying and removing imbalances among internal organs and meridians, and when the organism is in an optimal balance, it heals itself. At the same time, many research studies have been conducted since the 1950s in different parts of the world. Some of these studies looked at acupuncture holistically, while others focused on specific point combinations for specific issues.

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As a result, we know now how various acupuncture treatments work, and the practitioners at the Advanced Holistic Center’s Financial District location use both—classical acupuncture methods and modern research findings. Due to acupuncture’s flexibility and versatility, it can be used as a stand-alone treatment method, but it can be easily combined with other modalities, either from traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine. In fact, studies have demonstrated that combining various methods can lead to higher success rates in many conditions.


While the human spine normally is not straight and has curvature, when this curvature is greater than ten degrees, then the individual who has it can be diagnosed with scoliosis. Fewer than 2% of all adolescents have scoliosis, although, for some reason, it is much more common among girls than boys, but more than half of all people with scoliosis are over age 60. In women, scoliosis can progress because of osteoporosis and arthritis, which has a tendency to appear in women after the menopause. Scoliosis appears to run in families. It is estimated that about 3% of the United States population have scoliosis—that’s about eight million people! The rule of the thumb is when the curvature of the spine is greater than ten degrees, it is diagnosed as scoliosis; when the angle of curvature is greater than 20 degrees or more, then it should be treated with braces; finally, when the angle is 45 degrees or more, then surgery is recommended. The majority of persons’ scoliosis, however, can be successfully treated with physical therapy, chiropractic or acupuncture treatments. Latest research studies have demonstrated that combining several methods can have greater success than using only one modality. For scoliosis treatment in the Financial District, the Advanced Holistic Center has specialists from traditional Chinese and western medicine, and they design treatment strategies for each patient individually.

The Schroth Method

Schroth Method for Scoliosis in the financial district, nyc The Schroth method is a non-surgical method developed by Katharina Schroth for treatment of scoliosis as an alternative to bracing. Katharina Schroth was a school teacher, but she was born with moderate scoliosis. She had to wear a steel brace every day to treat her scoliosis, but she was not satisfied with results and began developing her own method, based primarily on the Swedish gymnastics, which she successfully tested on herself and then many of her patients in her clinic in Germany in the 1900s. Over the years, the Schroth method has evolved, but essentially, its goal remains the same: to restore and maintain the upright posture and muscular symmetry of the body using specifically designed exercises and the techniques of breathing into the concave side of the body. Finally, in order to maintain the upright posture, the Schroth method involves teaching the patient to be aware of his or her posture at all times. At the Advanced Holistic Center’s Financial District location, physical therapists trained in using the Schroth method help the patients to improve their scoliosis, using the honed techniques developed by Katharina Schroth and modern exercise equipment to make the treatment progress easier and faster.

The Advanced Holistic Center

With branches conveniently located in Miami and New York City, the Advanced Holistic Center doesn’t just offer acupuncture treatments; it focuses on holistic approaches of traditional Chinese medicine and modern western scientific medicine to offer its patients the best known time-tested and research-confirmed healing methods.

While some patients may prefer to request a simple acupuncture treatment in the Financial District for the purposes of stress relief, others might choose to try the full range of traditional Chinese medicine to treat infertility as an alternative to much more invasive and costly in vitro fertilization. We try to help all our patients.

At the Advanced Holistic Center’s Financial District location, our experts work with each patient individually, spending time with each patient, designing and adjusting specific treatment programs according to each patient’s needs and life circumstances. Each treatment session includes a discussion regarding the progress, and the treatment is then modified according to the findings.        

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