Acupuncture Treatment
in NYC

Acupuncture treatment has gone through some changes since its first appearance a couple of thousand years ago. First of all, since modern acupuncture needles typically are disposable and are made of stainless steel, they are now much thinner than they were in the past. Electrical stimulation has become popular, because of its widespread use in research studies for the ease of monitoring the intensity of stimulation, and electricity’s involvement opened somewhat different possibilities in acupuncture treatment such as pain management and muscle spasm relief.
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On the other hand, acupuncture is and has always been part of larger traditional Chinese medicine, which provides a theoretical framework for establishing diagnoses and deciding on the best-suited treatment strategy from holistic perspective. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the root of most illnesses is in imbalances among organ functions, and the goal of a treatment, whether it is acupuncture or herbal medicine or another modality, to restore the optimal balance among the internal organs. Once the balance is restored, the organism will heal itself.
The experts at the Advanced Holistic Center in NYC offer their patients the best of both worlds: the holistic approach of the traditional Chinese medicine and the evidence-based techniques and point combinations confirmed by research studies. Modern acupuncture treatment in NYC often works well in conjunction with other types of therapies, most frequently with pharmaceutical, surgical, chiropractic, or physical therapy. As a result, acupuncture treatment in NYC works well as a stand-alone therapy or as an integrative modality.

Scoliosis in NYC

The diagnosis of scoliosis indicates that the natural spinal curvature is greater than ten degrees to either or both sides. About eight million people in the United States live with scoliosis. Strangely enough, scoliosis is much more common among girls than boys, and while experts recommend treating scoliosis early, so it would not progress, few people seek treatment at all. Scoliosis can progress for a variety of reasons, but the reason that many experts are concerned about is when post-menopausal women develop osteoporosis, their scoliosis becomes worse.
While for the treatment of scoliosis, people tend to turn most frequently to orthopedists and physical therapists, acupuncture can effectively treat it, too. It is important to point out that rarely anyone suffers directly from scoliosis; usually, the issues of back pain and discomfort that are manifested as side effects of scoliosis are most common reasons for which patients seek treatment. Scoliosis ranges from mild to moderate to severe, depending on the angle of spinal deformity, and best treatment options can be single methods or combinations of two or more approaches.
The experts at the Advanced Holistic Center in the NYC branch work with each patient individually and recommend the best-fitting treatment option, which may involve one or more therapists, who are either on staff at the Advanced Holistic Center or work at another medical facility. The practitioners at the Advanced Holistic Center in NYC, however, approach treatment of scoliosis as they do most other conditions, holistically—that is whenever it is possible and in the best interest of the patient, they treat the entire organism, rather than a condition itself.

The Schroth Method

The Schroth method was developed at the end of the 19th and first half of the 20th century in Germany by Katharina Schroth. She suffered from a moderate scoliosis herself, and she was not satisfied with the treatment that involved wearing a steel brace every day and decided to develop her own method for herself. By standing in front of a mirror, Schroth tried using breathing to inflate the concavities in her body along with stretching and de-rotating (overcorrecting) the areas with deformities. She also came to the conclusion that scoliosis treatment needs to include a change in postural perception. She continued to hone her approach further, but breathing, overcorrecting, and changing the postural perception have stayed the main components of her method.
While Katharina Schroth did a great job designing and then polishing her method, which she successfully used in her clinic after the Second World War, over the years the Schroth method has been tested, experimented with, and improved by multiple researchers. The result is an effective nonsurgical method for treatment of scoliosis. At the Advanced Holistic Center, the Schroth method in NYC location is used by trained and licensed physical therapists. Since no two scoliosis are the same, our physical therapists modify the exercises and techniques used in the Schroth method for each individual patient for best possible results.
For some patients, the experts at the Advanced Holistic Center recommend combining the Schroth method in NYC with other techniques and approaches, such as acupuncture, massage, therapeutic exercises, or manual therapy, depending on patients’ individual circumstances. For example, many patients report suffering from back pain as a side effect of their scoliosis, and acupuncture can be used for pain management while the patient is working on the correction of his or her scoliosis using the Schroth method.

The Advanced Holistic Center in NYC

The Advanced Holistic Center has branches in New York City and Miami. The Center’s goal is to provide its patients with the holistic approaches of traditional Chinese medicine confirmed by research studies. The experts at the Advanced Holistic Center keep up to date with the latest scientific discoveries and best practices in their respective fields, which they then offer their patients.
The Advanced Holistic Center in NYC, in addition to New York State–licensed acupuncturists has other medical practitioners on staff, such as physical therapists and massage therapists. If any of our patients needs an outside consultation or service, our therapists either refer to or accept referrals from other medical practitioners and facilities and work either alone to solve specific set of problems or as parts of teams.
When patients come to the Advanced Holistic Center, our experts spend the needed time with each of them (the longest being the initial visit) to find out their individual needs and circumstances, to establish a correct diagnosis, and to decide on best-fitting treatment strategy, which can be either maintained or modified during the next visits, depending on the treatment’s progress.