Most people don’t automatically think of getting acupuncture for stress relief. Being stuck with needles might not intuitively seem like a relaxing scenario. However, you might be surprised to learn that stress-relief is one of the things that acupuncture excels at. In fact, we like to jokingly say that acupuncture is one of the only ways to get a New Yorker to willingly stop moving for more than five minutes.

Acupuncture for Stress

Acupuncture for stress” is almost a redundant statement, since it’s basically unavoidable! Stress-relief is a side-effect of almost all acupuncture treatments because the goal of traditional Chinese medicine is to return the body and mind to its natural state of relaxed awareness. In that state, the body’s innate intelligence can take over with the least amount of interference.

Traditionally, this is explained by the balancing effect that acupuncture has on the body’s systems. We remove blockages in the body-mind that can disturb the smooth flow of Qi and Blood in the acupuncture meridians, which is essential for maintaining a sense of wellbeing and good health. In a modern sense, the stress-relieving effects of acupuncture can be explained through the cascading release of endorphins and various neurotransmitters that take us out of a chronic state of “fight-or-flight” (sympathetic), and put us in a state of “rest-anddigest” (parasympathetic). The effects are similar to a meditation session, or a short nap.

Acupuncture for stress is extremely common and has even started to make headlines. Check out this article, from Huffington Post. Many patients that initially come for help with pain management or help with other chronic conditions wind up returning once they feel the powerful effect of acupuncture for stress.

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    Jessica C.

    Can’t say enough. My husband and I have seen instant improvement in our health. The staff are nothing shy of INCREDIBLE. You don’t feel like just another number – they are warm and caring. Highly recommend to make this place a part of your self care regimen!!!!! Thank you healers!!!!

    Matthew L.

    Dr. Logman is quite incredible! I’m an individual who is very active and likes to push physical boundaries in training … Coming from Long Island, I was certainly pretty jacked up physically, but within one session, I felt significantly better… She’s 1000% worth seeing regardless of your location. Thank you for actually being the healers we need!

    Kaity L.

    I was in such great hands with BK. As a lifelong sufferer of mental illness, acupuncture made me feel like a million bucks. Just so you know, you need more than 1 visit to recover from whatever ailments. Now that I’ve had 5, I feel like a whole new person. So glad this place exists! Your health is your wealth, after all. I’ll be back for more!

    Fatima B.

    Dr. Logman and her entire staff are all super nice and knowledgeable. I have been experiencing on and off back spasms for a really long time and feel like I may finally be in inching towards healing my lower back! Every session so far has left me feeling better and more relaxed.

    Dave G.

    The whole staff are friendly and helpful and have created a calm environment with great healing energy. BK, my acupuncturist, is a great listener and in addition to always making me feel great with his work offers helpful suggestions and exercises to work on between sessions.

    Amanda G.

    Dr. Orna was absolutely fabulous! The whole team was welcoming and professional. They walked me through my problem areas and catered an amazing personalized experience based on my needs. I will definitely be back!