Those who suffer from migraine headaches know how debilitating the pain can be. The excruciating pain on the right or left side of your head accompanied with nausea and visual disturbances make you unable to function for a few hours or the whole day (or, in some cases, even longer). For the lucky few, acupuncture can provide the cure, but for the majority of patients, acupuncture can reduce the frequency and/or intensity of migraine headaches either as a stand-alone modality or in conjunction with other therapies, most common of which is pharmacologic.

Acupuncture for Migraines During Pregnancy

Research has shown that during pregnancy, migraines tend to become less intense and/or less frequent—especially, in those women whose migraines are linked with their menstrual cycle (Jarvis, Dassan, & Piercy, 2018)—and that migraines themselves have no effect on fetus’s development (Aubé, 1999). But pregnant women and their healthcare providers have (at least) one concern in common: If a woman takes medications to manage her migraine, can those medications injure the fetus? While experts claim that “Many therapies for treating and preventing migraines can be safely used in pregnant women” (Jarvis, Dassan, & Piercy, 2018), they do not say that all therapies can be safely used, and the greatest concern comes with the most common type of therapy: pharmacologic.

While most pharmacologic therapies appear to be safe during pregnancy, researchers point out that there is a certain degree of confusion among medical providers regarding which medications are safe and in what circumstances, and just to play it safer pregnant women and their healthcare providers sometimes agree not to take the migraine-controlling medications during the course of pregnancy (MacGregor, 2016). This means that on top of all the inconveniences that come with pregnancy, the women will also have to suffer with their full-intensity migraine headaches. This is when acupuncture can be most useful, because acupuncture for migraines during pregnancy can provide a significant degree of pain relief, without exposing the pregnant woman or the fetus to chemicals of questionable toxicity. So you should definitely consider acupuncture for migraines while pregnant.

Is Acupuncture Effective for Migraines? How Acupuncture Helps Migraines?

Theoretically, acupuncture should be able to cure or substantially reduce migraine headaches. Acupuncture for migraine points can be found on various areas of the body, because their location depends not so much on the migraine itself, which is viewed as a consequence of an imbalance among organs, but on the organs that are involved in the imbalance—that is how acupuncture helps migraines by treating the cause of the problem, rather than the problem itself. Research confirms acupuncture’s efficacy in treatment of migraines (Zhao et al., 2017), but the truth is how effective acupuncture is for migraines has much to do with the skills of an individual acupuncturist.

How Often Do You Need Acupuncture for Migraines? 

In theory, once the balance among organs is restored, the migraines will be gone until a new imbalance doesn’t bring them back. In reality, however, treatments are usually needed throughout the term of pregnancy, but the sessions’ frequency may be regulated depending on an individual patient’s response to the acupuncture treatment.

Where Are Acupuncture Needles Placed for Migraines?

While a few needles can be placed in the head, face, back, or abdomen, the most important points in acupuncture for migraine headaches are located between knees and feet and between elbows and hands.

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    Jessica C.

    Can’t say enough. My husband and I have seen instant improvement in our health. The staff are nothing shy of INCREDIBLE. You don’t feel like just another number – they are warm and caring. Highly recommend to make this place a part of your self care regimen!!!!! Thank you healers!!!!

    Matthew L.

    Dr. Logman is quite incredible! I’m an individual who is very active and likes to push physical boundaries in training … Coming from Long Island, I was certainly pretty jacked up physically, but within one session, I felt significantly better… She’s 1000% worth seeing regardless of your location. Thank you for actually being the healers we need!

    Kaity L.

    I was in such great hands with BK. As a lifelong sufferer of mental illness, acupuncture made me feel like a million bucks. Just so you know, you need more than 1 visit to recover from whatever ailments. Now that I’ve had 5, I feel like a whole new person. So glad this place exists! Your health is your wealth, after all. I’ll be back for more!

    Fatima B.

    Dr. Logman and her entire staff are all super nice and knowledgeable. I have been experiencing on and off back spasms for a really long time and feel like I may finally be in inching towards healing my lower back! Every session so far has left me feeling better and more relaxed.

    Dave G.

    The whole staff are friendly and helpful and have created a calm environment with great healing energy. BK, my acupuncturist, is a great listener and in addition to always making me feel great with his work offers helpful suggestions and exercises to work on between sessions.

    Amanda G.

    Dr. Orna was absolutely fabulous! The whole team was welcoming and professional. They walked me through my problem areas and catered an amazing personalized experience based on my needs. I will definitely be back!