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Self Healing: Sound Mind, Sound Body



Dr. Irina Logman, Advanced Holistic Center Whether struggling with migraines and sports injuries or battling the intensity of anxiety, insomnia and depression, Dr. Irina Logman touches down in Miami to ground, heal and give customized explanations to all struggles from within. With three locations in Downtown, Sunny Isles and Miami Beach, the licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist carries the wisdom to target the root of your imbalance through a simple look at the tongue. Utilizing the power of a pendulum crystal to examine each of your chakras, the total wellness guru treats the unknown through a lineup of Chinese medicine methods. From acupuncture and cupping treatments to herbal acupuncture injections and sound bowl therapy, Logman welcomes you to her holistic haven—where balance, rejuvenation and spiritual grounding are discovered within a single session. 152 Sunny Isles Blvd., #11, Sunny Isles Beach; 100 SE Second St., Ste. 2000, Miami; Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, 6801 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, @advancedholisticcenter

Angela Notarangelo, Trinity Wellness Programs From yoga and movement sessions to holistic health coaching, breathwork and stress management, Angela Notarangelo (@angela_healthfit) creates Trinity Wellness Programs to provide individuals with a multifaceted approach to well-being. With clients scattered all over the country, the Miami-based fitness fanatic delves deeper into self-care while seamlessly aligning mood, food and body strategies to achieve total health. Carefully curating personalized experiences to each client’s needs, Notarangelo is particularly notable for her work in aromatherapy consultations, where internal battles such as stress and anxiety are treated through essential oils. Whether searching for nutritional coaching or body balancing methods, the custom wellness programs spearheaded by Angela Notarangelo unify various fields to build programs that are both unique and miraculously effective.

Clockwise from top left: Doctor of acupuncture, Chinese medicine and boardcertified herbalist Irina Logman; a treatment room inside of Helia House; creator of Trinity Wellness Programs Angela Notarangelo.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner,Helia House, While there are an abundance of healing centers to provide you with a proper spiritual fix, Dr. Elizabeth Trattner births Helia House with a mission to heal from the ground up. As the midcentury modern abode stands as the only of its kind in Miami, Helia House was built and designed by LEED architects using sacred geometry to embed over 1,000 crystals within the building’s structure and garden. Radiating with earthly energy and high frequencies, the heavenly
haven is home to the limitless powers of Dr. Trattner. From cosmetic acupuncture and green beauty to digestive, pain and sleep management, the sacred sanctuary serves as the ultimate oasis to reach peak enlightenment from the inside out. Whether looking to restore energy or beautify through ultra-unique methods, discover the pinnacle of peace at Trattner’s house of earthly remedies.

From top: Doctor of Chinese and integrative medicine Dr. Elizabeth Trattner; a cosmic mural by visionary artist Sharon Aluma serves as the center point of Moon Temple’s sanctuary.

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