Acupuncture Midtown NYC


Midtown Manhattan is home to more than a dozen acupuncture clinics. Some acupuncture practitioners were trained in the United States, others in China, Korea, or other countries. Their experience varies greatly and widely in the number of years as well as variations of conditions they treated and treatment styles they use. Some practitioners specialize in acupuncture and cupping, while other acupuncturists prefer using herbs for treatment of their patients. Some acupuncture practitioners do classical acupuncture—which includes many schools of thought and styles—while others focus on integrative approaches to acupuncture. Many of the acupuncturists in midtown NYC work alone. Others work as partners. Others yet collaborate with chiropractors, physical or massage therapists, or medical doctors. Considering all these options, how can patients choose the best acupuncture practitioner for them?

Choosing the Right Acupuncturist in Midtown NYC

All things considered, every acupuncturist wants her patients to get well. Also, many New Yorkers work long hours, and having an acupuncture clinic near their home or workplace can save much time by eliminating the commute. So if you live or work in midtown Manhattan, then having an acupuncturist within a walking distance would be perfect. At the same time, acupuncturists often specialize in treatment of specific conditions, which may or may not be what you are looking for. Some acupuncture practitioners are too busy and booked for months ahead, or they don’t take your insurance policy. In other words, as you start searching the acupuncture offices that appear to be the best fit, you will discover that your seemingly endless choices quickly dwindle. Of course, sometimes, after you go for treatment to a couple of different acupuncturists, you discover that you feel better for longer after one acupuncturist’s method than the other’s. Unfortunately, nothing beats going for a treatment or two and seeing the results for yourself.

The Advanced Holistic Center’s NYC Location

When we opened the Advanced Holistic Center in Manhattan, we opened it with convenience and flexibility in mind. It is easily and quickly accessible from any area of New York City, but more importantly our acupuncture experts work with each patient individually. While some patients want us to try to improve specific ailment, other prefer that we work in collaboration with their doctors or other practitioners. Our acupuncturists keep up with the latest developments in acupuncture and neighboring professions and try their best to offer the best possible services available. Since our goal is wellbeing of our patients, we recommend other practitioners whenever it may be necessary.