Alexander Ladizhensky


Alexander Ladyzhensky M.A. LCSW/R received his degree in physics from the University of Kharkov, Ukraine. While studying at the university, he came to the conclusion that scientific approach alone cannot fully answer the fundamental questions concerning the meaning and purpose of life. He then embarked on a spiritual search, exploring different mystical teachings, and their practical applications. After immigration to the US, he continued his education at the University of California, Santa Barbara, receiving a M.A. in philosophy, with an emphasis in Western philosophy and the work of I. Kant in the XVIII century.

Alexander continued to be interested in mysticism, and met with great spiritual teachers and thinkers. He further explored meditation and contemplation, thus combining two sides of his personality; the propensity for rational thinking and understanding, and love for spirituality and transcendentalism. He became closely associated with great thinker, J. Krishnamurti, teaching science and philosophy in his school in Ojai, California, and taking part in his seminars and meetings.

After moving to New York, and finishing Adelphi University, Alexander Ladyzhensky began working as a psychotherapist. He attended classes on psychoanalysis at the Center for Modern Psychoanalysis as well as Gestalt therapy seminars and workshops. Alexander strongly believes that spirituality and psychotherapy can complement each other in providing the most efficient holistic help to the patient.

Alexander studied Jewish philosophy, specifically, Kaballah at the Hebrew University and Tel Aviv University, Israel, at the graduate level. While working as a licensed psychotherapist in New York, Alexander was able to test and successfully implement his ideas of helping people to treat psychological disorders.