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Advanced Holistic Center – acupuncture clinic in NYC

Advanced Holistic Center is a New York City based acupuncture clinic offering high quality holistic healthcare at 4 convenient locations. Our services include: acupuncture, cupping therapy, bodywork,gua sha, herbal medicine, yoga, pilates and meditation.

Advanced Holistic Center has more locations and longer open hours than almost any complementary and alternative healthcare facility in all of New York City. With our four offices manned by fully licensed and board certified acupuncturists and herbalists, a team of highly-qualifiedassistants, meditation teachers, functional medicine practitioners, chiropractors, and massage therapists trained in both Eastern and Western modalities, you need never worry about fitting your treatments into your schedule.

Make an appointment with one of our providers: Irina Logman, L.Ac., Joannie Campuzano, L.Ac., Daniel Pfleging, L.Ac., Jennifer Beltrani, L.Ac., and Max Annis, L.Ac. and commit to your well-being. All of our practitioners are board certified, holding Master’s degrees in alternative medicine from industry leading universities with rigorous training in both Eastern and Western medicine. We are able to fluently and professionally speak the language of whatever healthcare providers you choose to meet your needs, be they physical therapists or primary care physicians. Our courteous, well-trained, highly skilled team of brilliant practitioners makes it their mission to use thoroughly researched and well-proven techniques to help you achieve your health goal.

In addition to acupuncture, Advanced Holistic Center offers both private and group meditation sessions. These sessions combine the healing power of Chinese medicine with guided meditation for wellness and transformation. Chinese medicine views health as a harmonious balance between two opposing yet complementary forces, yin and yang energy. These two energies are akin to the physiological processes of sympathetic and parasympathetic reactions. When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, the body enters a “fight or flight” state inducing a stress response and yang energy becomes more predominant. When the parasympathetic system is engaged, the body enters the “rest and digest” state. This is a more restful response and the yin energy is more predominant. Daily life stressors create a constant fluctuation of these two states, resulting in a misalignment of yin and yang in the body. When yin and yang are out of balance, pathological symptoms arise and disease can manifest. Acupuncture and meditation are powerful tools for regulating these biological responses. Acupuncture helps to harmonize yin and yang, while meditation helps cultivate stillness of the mind while inviting the body into a more restful, parasympathetic state.