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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

People gain weight because of many reasons; overeating, sedentary lifestyle, genetics, hormonal imbalance and problems with metabolism may lead to abnormal accumulation of body fat, resulting in an increase in weight.

Acupuncture for weight loss NYC helps to reduce weight by eliminating the root cause of the weight gain. It involves stimulation of specific pressure points by using needles to redirect energy flow. Energy flow through specific points in the body is therapeutic and has been found to alleviate many conditions among them weight gain. Ear acupuncture is considered one of the most effective techniques for weight loss.

The ear has pressure points. These points allow energy to flow to various organs and systems. Stimulation can be done using needles, electricity or magnets.

Initial Preparation

The patient should take a small meal about thirty minutes before the procedure. They should not take any alcohol, any prescribed or unprescribed drugs or wear perfumes.

A professional acupuncturist will usually conduct an initial assessment of the patient. They will take a detailed history which encompasses past medical history, present illnesses, and diseases in the family. The evaluation helps them know the cause of the weight gain and whether there are any other health issues that acupuncture can help to resolve. The pulse and tongue will also be checked, and any observations noted down.


The client lays down on a flat surface; ideally a massage table. Pressure points on the ear are identified. There are up to one hundred and thirty of these points on the ear alone. The ones concerned with weight loss are four; hunger point, Shen Men point, endocrine point and stomach point.

Needles will then be inserted into the points concerned with weight loss. The needles will then be manipulated by hand. Needles may be manipulated in an up-down motion or by twirling round and round. The needles are very thin therefore the client rarely feels pain. The technician may opt to use electrical stimulation on those points instead of the needles.

How the client will feel

Ear acupuncture takes about thirty minutes. The client has a range of feelings during this period. When the needles are inserted, the patient will feel a tiny prick. After about ten minutes of stimulation, the patient starts to feel a pressure like sensation moving through the body. This is energy known as Qi.
A feeling of relaxation will wash over the patient fifteen to twenty minutes into the procedure, and the patient may fall asleep. In rare occasions, the patient may feel discomfort when energy reaches tense muscles, but this will soon subside as the tension eases.

After the procedure

Ear tacks may be left in place for up to a week. These needles are stuck using adhesive tapes so that they do not fall out. Ear seeds can also be placed at these points and held on the ear using tape. The seeds will stay in place for two weeks. Another alternative would be to put gold balls on the pressure points. These balls will be stimulated by the patient at home, as instructed by the acupuncturist.

Effectiveness of the procedure

Since the ear is connected to several vital organs, its stimulation affects the functioning of those organs. The hypothalamus regulates many body functions including production of hormones, neurochemicals, feeling of hunger and thirst and temperature. When the pressure points are stimulated, energy flows through the meridians to the hypothalamus.

It has been established that consistent acupuncture treatments cause a reduction in leptin; the hormone that promotes storage of fat and increases ghrelin; that controls meal initiation. With time, the patient experiences a decrease in cravings and appetite and has an early sensation of fullness. Metabolism also improves with the treatment. Instead of feeling hungry between meals, the patient will be completely comfortable with regular meals.


Losing weight need not be a nerve-wracking process filled with mystical diets and strenuous exercise regimen. Diets and exercise may work, but they will take a long time. Acupuncture can hasten the process. Instead of just working to alleviate excess fat, acupuncture gets to the root of the problem. It is a safe, cost-effective treatment that has scientific backing. In addition to weight loss, it can help patients deal with any other health challenge they may be facing. Consult an acupuncturist today if you want to lose that fat.