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Joannie Campuzano

Licenced Acupuncturist
Joannie Campuzano comes from a family of healers and herbalists from Latin America. She is a licensed Acupuncturist and Reiki practitioner. As a result of her family upbringing and educational background, she is able to combine different modalities to facilitate healing of the body and mind.

Joannie received her Masters in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from Hunter College. She was Irina Logman’s apprentice for over a year, where she practiced an acupuncture methology that was developed over 12 years ago and is proven to aid in chronic pain and sports injuries. Joannie also has clinical experience with stress, digestive issues, weight loss, and seasonal allergies. Her goal is to educate, guide, and share tools to achieve optimum health physically, mentally, and spiritually.